She decided to find out and threaded the other three onto the chain. She rested the weights on her bed and squatted as she clipped the chain back on, and then stood up holding onto the chain with one hand. Then she slowly lowered it and let it go as her pussy lips took the weight. She could really feel it dragging on her now. She kept her legs apart and waddled around to face the mirror to see what it looked like. OMG! They were really long now, much longer than she would have ever expected. She moved her hips back and forth and watched as the mass swayed between her legs.

Then she looked up at her face. She was shocked as she took in her whole form. Naked, blonde and with weights attached to her labia. This was a different Casey. One she didn't know yet. She reached between her legs and put a finger into her vagina while looking straight into her own eyes. She made a few sex faces just to see what she looked like doing them and then realised she was getting quite wet. She started masturbating with increased vigour while letting the weights between her legs swing, all the while staring at her face in the mirror. As the orgasm came she forced herself to keep her eyes open so she could continue watching her face in the throes of ecstasy. It was a curious sensation, like she was making her reflection her bitch but also forcing herself to see her as she really was now.

Later she repeated the performance for the webcam but with the Lush inside her at the same time. There were a lot of tips.